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Let us dedicate our efforts today to care for those who come our way. Let us touch each one with healing hands and the gentle art for which we stand and tonight when the day is done, let us go to bed in peace knowing that we have helped.

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Medical Facilities Seychelles

Medical Services

Our Health Center offers outpatient services for both local residents and tourists. Some of our services are

  • General out-patient clinic for adults and children
  • Special clinic for hypertensive and diabetics
  • Corporate health service
  • Laboratory Services
  • Consultations by visiting Specialists
  • Extension clinic on Praslin
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Dr Chetty Seychelles

Dr. K.S Chetty

Graduated from University of Glasgow, in Scotland 1977 holds a diploma in public health at the same university. Holds another diploma in Nephrology and Hypertension after post-graduate training at Hammersmith hospital in London, UK.

Dr Chetty Seychelles